14 November 2006

*insert crappy wii pun title here*

you know something? i haven't owned a new gaming console in a very, very long time. i think even when i had the SNES it had been out for a while. i'm just not that kind of person...and when i was steadily gobbling up consoles, i was still under my parents' jurisdiction and, subsequently, their mercy. we were always a nintendo family; first the NES, then the SNES, then.. well, i rented the N64 a few times. that's where i dribbled off, forsaking consoles for my PC.

well now, i'm groin-grabbingly excited about the wii (pronounced 'we,' in case you haven't heard it from umpteen other sources). i've fallen off PC gaming recently and have acquired some older consoles.. unfortunately a lack of decent games for the PS (even ebay appears to suck - i was never into playstation and don't know what to look for) keeps me from playing mine, and i have to unplug my bunny ears (yeah, shut up) whenever i want to play atari. i'm ready to step it up.

the wii's a shit-ton cheaper than the ps3 or xbox. it's shiny apple-white. it's got the wireless remote controller dealies. there's seemingly no limit to what you can do with those things: swing 'em like tennis racquets, simulate a steering wheel, stab baddies, etc. the whole setup is just so innovative. i'll gladly take artistic over mind-melding graphics, altho those are nice. plus rumor has it you can d/l past games from nintendo's entire library (select ones of course.. i'll pay them not to make anticipation available) for a small fee. $5 for bubble bobble? ..well, it beats a kick in the dick, anyway.

i just read a pre-review of excite truck (successor of excitebike, i guess). what grabbed me was this: you can put your own soundtrack to the game by sticking in an SD full of your own mp3s. definitely spankworthy. but the real reason for this post lies in this picture:

i so want to be that chick.


Jim said...

The grimmer one on the right?

I, too, I'm excited about the Wii. Finally, something new. Higher polygon counts in graphics stop getting exciting after a while, people.

geekgrrl said...

no, the one kicking her little wincing ass!

i'm trying to figure out where i can look sunday for wiis.. or whether i should even try or not on launch day..

scott said...

the one on the left looks like Jack Nicholson as the Joker

smussyolay said...

bubble bobble. fuckin' a. my sister and i LOVED that shit obsessive style. although, with nintendo (or neentindo, as my mom called it), how could you love it any other way?

damn. if you get bubble bobble, i'm comin' over.

p.s. i think BOTH of those chicks look a little scary and constipated.

geekgrrl said...

my friend jane and i used to go bubble bobble crazy back in the day. and then we'd get to one fucking stage and never get past it. or else we'd cheat and get to the main baddie and we couldn't defeat him either. i fail at bubble bobble. gotta love the music, tho!