24 November 2006

highlights from my thanksgiving:

  • listening to gangsta rap on the way to my mom's place in the 'burbs.

  • gorging on delicious, waistband-popping vittles.

  • having real cranberries and 'canberries' on the same table.

  • playing super mario bros. 2 in its entirety, switching off with scott.

  • watching 'spiderman 2' with kristin and rudy, and thenceforth ripping it to shreds, even though it was a good movie.

  • having a happy, purring cat on my lap for a good portion of above movie.

  • listening to gangsta rap on the way home.

in fact, the only bad thing about my thanksgiving:
having to fucking work at 6:30 in the fucking morning the day after.


Jim said...

I listened to a lot of Scarface on the way to my parents' house. He's born killa!

Also, I was playing SMB 2 yesterday. I used to rule at that game. This time, I ran out of continues at 7-1.

geekgrrl said...

aw fuck. i got the hang of the life slots again, so i was up in the 30+ life range.. near the end we were getting damn close to petering out.