15 November 2006

heroin is a hell of a drug

so i did this story on chicagoist sunday. i may have said some things in the last blurb that were.. questionable. (it has since been edited.) basically i questioned, in the case of a 14-year-old girl lying about her age and having sex with a 25-year-old man, whether or not she would get punished for her actions. she lied, but i seriously doubt she knew what she was getting into. i forgot what it was like being 14 and how screwed up everything is, and how you want to be 'cool' by pretending you're older and doing grown-up things. i think i've just been influenced by movies too much, like 'freeway' and 'hard candy,' where the supposedly innocent young girl turns the tables on her predator.

now, i haven't seen either of them (making my logic suspect, but w/e), but one trivia fact i like is that matthew bright, who wrote 'freeway' (and 'freeway 2'), was one of the genius warped minds behind 'forbidden zone.' in fact, he was probably my favorite actor out of the whole movie; his delivery left me in hysterics. another is that the director of 'hard candy,' david slade, also directed the 'sour girl' video for stone temple pilots. i just went back and watched it on youtube and.. holy fuck, is that.. is that weiland? goddamn, when'd he get so hot?! nevermind the fucked up tongue bunnies or gothtastic buffy, i want a ticket to go back in time and ride that writhing smooth-skinned heroin snake. yowza.

i'm not checking out how he looks like now, cuz that'd just be no fun. and probably pretty yucky.

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Bill V said...

I thought Hard Candy was a very cool movie. It was one of those movies that pretty much takes place between only two characters on one setting, sort of like watching a play.