04 November 2006

guess who's home...!

'bout time. her blood count is stable so far. to keep it there and help it improve, i get to feed her three different medicines every day. the liquid's gonna be the best. ever try to force an eyedropper full of goop down a fully-clawed cat's throat? one of the few exquisite pleasures of life. to add insult to injury, i opened up the bottle...and the dropper shaft was broken clean off. not only that, i can't see nor hear the broken piece when i shake the bottle. it's as if it was always broken. very weird. i just scuttled off to walgreens and got a dropper with markings on it. thanks for the suggestion, scott. otherwise i probably would still be trying to figure out how much a tenth of a teaspoon is and measuring the 0.5 mL dose that way.

my kitten.. how i missed her. i hope she'll be swatting at my cables and shoestrings in no time.


smussyolay said...

little smussio, i am thinking of you and sending you much, much loave.

scott said...

wah! that's the cutest picture!