06 November 2006

get your vote on

so tired.. but must post.. reading chicagoist for such a long time, i couldn't help but get caught up in politics as well. chicago and politics go together like italian beef and provolone cheese, fer chrissake. (mm.) it's my first midterm election tomorrow, and i finally feel like i know what i'm doing. i voted in the 2004 presidential election, but had no farging clue what the rest of the ballot was besides bush and kerry. i've researched the candidates, i know the races, i'm gonna go in there tomorrow morning and bam. civic duty done. i never thought i'd be this excited about politics. it's actually rather scary. but dammit, i'm really a part of this city now, aren't i?

and oh yeah.. you. vote. or it's your ass.

1 comment:

Jim said...

As Puffy said a few years ago, "Vote or *die*!" He'll stab you in the eye!