30 September 2006

viva la spooky

i went with kim and kristin to the kane county fairgrounds today for a flea market. that's yay and all, but it was basically a flimsy pretext for going out and finding some nifty old cemeteries. we loves us some creepy cemeteries. after we cleaned out our wallets buying ataris and a 1929 chicago skyline photo (wait, that was just me), we checked out some st. charles graveyards that were of supposed ill repute. kim had stumbled upon a website that listed more cemeteries than you could shake a stick at, some of which said 'small, much vandalized' or even 'highly vandalized.' score.

we trekked out to south cemetery off 7th avenue, where my increasingly crappy camera proceeded to die upon arrival. no matter; south cemetery's reputation was greatly exaggerated. well-kept, hardly the hellhole the site had made it out to be. next we hit prairie cemetery, which was north of st. charles really, among magnificent houses and a wetland preserve. fabulous place. unfortunately, prairie had been cleaned up much like south, with a lot of newer headstones that were kinda cool. i guess the site submissions from 1986 needed some slight updating.

disappointed, we hiked to back down to st. charles to north cemetery, on 5th avenue this time. huge. your typical old city cemetery. we were drawn like magnets to the older section, as always. kim found a row of family stones by this really creepy old tree. so, standing in front of said tree, i took the following pictures (click on to enlarge please):

no flash.

with flash, a few seconds later.

with flash, a few seconds after that.

yeah. that middle one, with all the mist and orbs? the kind that shows up in supposed 'haunted' pictures? i've never taken a photo like that before. i stood in the exact same spot for all three, taking them all within one minute, i'd say. the only thing i changed was whether or not the flash was on. thing is.. i didn't feel anything while i took the photos. i didn't feel a disturbance, didn't feel like anyone was with me, didn't feel a cold spot or anything. of course i was totally jazzed i caught a possible spirit on film, while kim and kristin hadn't gotten any such pictures. and of course, i'm honored that i was chosen to get the photo, for whatever reason.

i'm gonna try to not stay up all night totally creeped out now.


mikraas said...

i don't know if noticed (scott immediately did) the outline of a man's tophat in the top of the spooky picture. that. is. so. cool. and. i'm. insanely. jealous.

geekgrrl said...

holy cats. no, i didn't notice that till i looked again. i did notice that one of the 'orbs' is centered on the creepiest branch formation on the tree...