03 September 2006


i live in dumb central. my part of town is not known for its intellectual creed or world-class culture. clark street, right outside my complex, is instead renowned as a place to get blasted on a nuclear scale. hardly the work of rocket scientists, that.

on a somewhat related note, couples abound. mostly pretty couples, but couples no matter what. whenever i see a guy by himself he's either fratastic, jogging or, if he resembles an entity in which i'd be interested, he must have left the gf at home and is currently talking to her on his cell. there goes that idea.

how do these two concepts intersect? today i was returning from best buy (my dvd player sucks) and saw two guys grilling in the courtyard. two girls were planted by the front door, talking (one let me in, which was nice). as i passed, the two girls walked up to the two guys and just.. started talking. 'hi, you guys grilling? we're new here' 'yeah, we're new here too' 'hey, that's great! blah blah blah' etc.

this is why i don't even try. if i'd done that, i probably would have just been left hanging. my irritation mostly stems from the fact that they made it look so easy. if i'd seen a cute guy out there grilling and gone up to him and said, 'hi, you grilling something?' i would have felt like a complete ass. it's fucking obvious that he's grilling something. but apparently these guys didn't seem to mind that strain of conversation one bit. it's all well and good when you've got some trixie eye candy in front of you, eh.

someone please shove a crayon up my nose so i can be normal and happy.


Jim said...

I often can't believe that something stupid like that is enough to start a conversation with a stranger, but like you point out, those conversations are more about the people involved than what's being said.

geekgrrl said...

right. so what kind of conversation can a nihilistic mope like myself start? 'nice existential crisis you've got there, blah blah blah...'

smussyolay said...

you're smussy.

geekgrrl said...

thanks. now if only i knew what that meant.

james - no moniker yet said...

i don't think that you're the odd one, maybe the rest of 'em are. nothing wrong with being a 'mis-shape,' as pulp would sing.
[yep, i just discovered your blog in nov. of '06. but i like it.]