17 September 2006

a trip in the wayback machine

crickey. scott sent me a link to the rockstar game, but i haven't even begun down that road. instead, i got to thinking about all the old band names i or those close to me have come up with over the years. problem is, i haven't really consolidated them into one volume for quite some time.. i just write them down as they come to me, so they can be in sketchbooks, on post-its, on freaking napkins for all i know.

so, i dug out all my old sketchbooks (back when i used to actually draw) searching for band names. i'm never sure this is a good idea, but i rediscovered some wonderful phrases and facts. for example, retsyn is made from vegetable oil. the literal translation of 'sarcasm' means 'to tear flesh.' i feel as if i was so much wiser back then. and who could forget 'dark is the suede that mows like a harvest'? adam heck wrote that in my book in.. jesus, '97? something like that. ah, adam, how i miss you. nothing a little zabasearch can't clear up. oh yeah, i also drew a little game called 'honkey kong' that went something like this.

didn't find so many band names, and it's now way too late to start playing that game, but mark my words.. one day, Spooky Biscuits is gonna be big. or Rusty Bacon. or maybe MC Squared... i'll sleep on it.


Cheesus said...

At my first job out of high school I had a buddy who played in a band called "The Exotic Birds." Which is a fruity name for a band, but the name he had for the band he was talking about starting on his own was so awesome I still remember it:

"Girl Paints With Blood"

geekgrrl said...