08 September 2006

impromptu gravel dancefloor

ex...haus...ted. my legs scream for the sweet, sweet taste of oblivion so that my muscles might knit. but first, my review of touch and go's first day of shows...

shipping news: missed 'em. i got in just as they were wrapping up their set. i took the metra north, thinking it'd be easier than taking a cta train and transfering to a bus. sure, it would have been easier, had i gone the right way... i got some nice pics out of it, tho.

supersystem: very good. one of the bands i came to see. it surprised me that they recreated their sound using so few instruments onstage. i also hadn't realized three different guys take vocal duties, but that's just me being dumb. the bassist? train wreck. i have no idea who let him past the elite chicago too-cool-for-school guards, but he was goin' fuckin' nuts up there, made all the weirder by how early it was still.. wrapping his mic cord around his neck, getting really into the music, dousing the audience in bottled water. i felt almost embarrassed for him, but judging by their video for 'whitelight/whitelight', seems like he's like that 24/7. hey, it was entertaining.

girls against boys: listened from afar. i've never been into them, but they played their seminal album 'venus luxure' in its entirety, which must have been a trip for their fans.

ted leo: better than i expected. i've dabbled in his music, not taking a stance one way or 'tother. good stuff live; tight, energetic, and he's got a great voice contrasting with the simplistic punk-like music. he was rather affable with the crowd, too.. very comfy up there. a town favorite, for good reason.

!!!: ah. another band i came to see AND dance to. and by god, i did, along with a good portion of the crowd. one of the singers (out of two) bore an unfortunate resemblance to carrot top, from what i could see. however. that did not stop him in the slightest from pumping the stiffass hipster crowd up and getting those hands in the air, as if we just didn't care. i don't remember much from the songs they played, i only know those funky white guys kicked my ass, just like they said they were gonna. mission accomplished. i must now go collapse.


smussyolay said...

thanks! i needed that. i can't believe i'm not there, wasn't there. not going to be there for any of it. what the fuck.

geekgrrl said...

what the fuck indeed! why the fuck not?

smussyolay said...

um. by the time i thought seriously about it, everything was sold out. and to be honest, a lot of the bands i didn't know or didn't care about. and because i had made plans for saturday. oh, and... because NO ONE WOULD HAVE GONE WITH ME.

i did lolla a lot by myself. i had a new roommate who i saw intermittently, but most of it was done solo for three days. and i just couldn't bring myself to do it knowing i really didn't know anyone but ted leo and calexico. talk about poseur. (me, that is.)

geekgrrl said...

i did this thing by myself too. you know what? it sucked. it sucked not recognizing anybody, it sucked not having anyone to riff on other people with, it sucked not having anyone to enjoy the experience with. and i would have gone with you, if you'd been so inclined.

smussyolay said...

we'll have to make plans. right now, i'm fairly destitute. win more things!