20 May 2006

it's not just the fans!

wow. the cubs/sox game today would have been the usual northside beatdown if not for the fight that broke out in the second inning. we (kim, scott and i) were sitting on the third-base side, ground level. the sox's brian anderson hit a fly ball.. a.j. pierzynski, on third, ran for home. everyone stood up to see if the throw would make it to home in time. i saw pierzynski plow into the cubs' catcher, michael barrett, and after that it was complete pandemonium. i had no idea what had happened besides the collision. benches emptied, i couldn't tell if anyone was hurt, it was so crowded on the field. the crowd was going batshit. as we waited to see what would happen, some of the sox fans behind me said barrett threw a punch, then podsednik or konerko jumped him or something. according to them, barrett was a pussy. typical. barrett and pierzynski both got ejected, along with two other guys i didn't even know were fighting. even better, the sox scored a run on the play. joy!

other than that, it was a solid ass-whooping. rich hill's an utter dingleberry. i think he issued three straight walks in that second inning to lead up to a grand slam. no wonder the cubs are the laughingstocks of chicago... we left during the seventh inning stretch. i couldn't stomach being on a crowded train with a bunch of braying sox fans, and drunk ones at that.

silver lining: i didn't get jeered at or peed on, even though i was wearing my cubs hat.. and it was a really nice day out. i must go lie down now.


scott said...

Hill was sent back to the minors as of today. And only several innings too late! Sigh.

geekgrrl said...

i'm telling ya, they should have tossed him when they tossed barrett et al. merely on principle.


he's not a piece of shit.. not even a pile of shit. he's a hill of shit. ty.