24 January 2006


and no, it's not contagious!

watch out, jude law and joseph fiennes and damon albarn and ricky wilson and gluaghalguh... oh, whatever shall i do with myself now?

*jig jig jiggity jig*


scott said...

I think Pete Doherty's going to be around.

Stephanie said...

I am so happy for you. See what happens when you take your meds. It gives me great pleasure knowing you'll return to the psych ward known as "WORK". No more wired hangers, FUUUUCK! got go, got take my meds, the ticket are calling. lol!

geekgrrl said...

scott: sounds like a dream come true.

stephanie: if i come back to a huge smoking hole on the 22nd floor, i'll have a pretty good idea what happened.