05 January 2006

bottoms up, cont'd

so i was hanging out on the Belmont L platform a few nights ago, like you do, when i saw a building very close by that's being demolished by the CTA. i've kept tabs on such buildings over the past months, taken down at both the Belmont and Fullerton stops. (luckily i missed this abomination due to lack of light going to and coming home from work.) as i checked out the half-present edifice, i noticed the footprint and how it related to the street below. on wilton.. next to another bygone building on the corner.. k, wow, yeah, that's bottom lounge. i saw airiel for the first time in that place, by myself, after sitting through three other non-local acts. (not that i would have known them anyway.) that's also where i saw trs-80 before ken and deb jumped ship. ah, memories. can't say i'll miss the place all that much, though.. at the airiel show i could see my breath in the bathroom, it was so abysmally cold in there. apparently they're moving somewhere near the loop, which should be interesting. hopefully it'll be a better building.

now, for your gawking pleasure:

i can't believe i'm the only one who gapes at such things...how could one pull oneself away?

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