16 December 2005

when it rains, it pisses

i've been dealing with a corporate holiday gift-giving disaster at work - for a large order of fleece jackets for which i was responsible, Land's End charged my boss's credit card thirty-five times - while recovering from a cold and heading into the full blossom of PMS. but at the end of the day, i still get to come home to this:

yep, that's my kitchen cabinet coming apart at the joints. i noticed a few days ago that the doors weren't staying closed anymore. i looked closer last night and realized the top part of the cabinet was coming off the wall. called my building manager whilst at work. when i got home, i found it in its above state, doors wide open not due to flinging or to carelessness, but to gravity. looks like the frame is separating from the staples up at the top, for a reason i cannot fathom at this point in time. good thing i stopped off and bought booze on my way home, is it not?

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