13 December 2005

the dreaded three-letter word

let me tell you a little about PMS. it varies from woman to woman, sure. varies in duration, intensity, symptoms. with my own variety.. it's like suddenly waking up hogtied in a mental institution with only the vaguest idea of how you got there. you don't know you're there till you're there. and after you're there, you can only wave a sullen goodbye to sanity for the next two weeks.

this is not my beautiful house...

today i considered conjuring some kind of PMS 'brand' for my person, so as to warn fellow humans (i used to easily pass for your kind only two days ago!) of my current condition. maybe a shirt with a large P on it, or some manner of pink. that'd be a definite scare-all right there. my personal favorite idea is a football helmet with a one-way mirror covering the facehole that just has 'GET THE FUCK AWAY FROM ME' painted on it. crude but effective, no?

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