20 December 2005

what on earth..

i went to go get my two loads of laundry out of the dryers.. and found a pile from one dryer stacked on the other, with no new laundry drying. thanks, bitches, ran my thinking, but then this guy came in saying 'cheers' in an odd manner, to say the least. i just watched lock, stock and two smoking barrels - he reminded me of the stoner pot growers. he came in, looked around, saw his sock on the floor, was extremely happy and effusive about finding it, and left. ...and just as swift came back in, gushing about how warm the socks were and how many pairs of underwear (one silk) he wore today. all the while i'm thinking, it's 11:30 at night in a cold laundry room with a strange man going out of his way to talk to me about silk underwear.. do i have a situation here? thankfully he went about his merry way with no harsh words or fisticuffs, billowing 'cheers' on his (second) way out.

all together now: ...


scott said...

so wait, the stoned guy put your laundry in a pile on the floor?

could be worse. were you missing any...erm...unmentionables?

mikraas said...

did he mention that the (silk) undies he had worn was yours?