11 February 2010

the final countdown (c'mon, i had to)

so...it's Quitting Day Eve. I can't believe it's really happening. I've been more emotional than I expected about this whole thing. but then again...it was nearly six years of my life. six years of 9+ hour days, waking up WELL before my Circadian rhythm demanded, working in a field I never cared about. let's get the crap stuff out of the way first.

what I won't miss:

  • the constant blather of CNBC in the background.
  • lack of privacy.
  • tone-deaf warbling along with the classic rock station.
  • having to drop everything for the most important thing ever, only to be trumped by the next most important thing ever 30 seconds later.
  • the grandiose stories of getting hammered, wasted and/or shitfaced.
  • MI-waiting-to-happen coworker's struggle to breathe whenever she moved.
  • the resulting numerous late or sick days from the preceding.
  • not really waking up until at least 10 am.
  • dressing really nice and no one noticing. hey, maybe I DO enjoy being ogled once in a while. ever think of that, mr. businessman? sheesh.
  • carrying ten drinks from Starbucks at a time.
  • not having the day after Thanksgiving off. can't do it cuz people need to have access to their money cuz of the 1929 market crash. now that ATMs are always reachable, how lame is that?
  • the obnoxious New Yawk coworker's nasal tone over the hoot 'n' holler.
  • ordering Christmas gifts, though I've gotten out of it the past two years.
  • staying ungodly hours to do IT work, since I can't do it while everyone is working.
  • no lunch breaks.
  • going to Brigg's (RIP) or Marquette Inn for a greasy breakfast hangover run.
  • worship of money above all else.
  • feeling cheated out of a social life due to early bedtimes.
  • not connecting with my workmates on any kind of deep level.
  • lack of creativity.
  • being so stressed my mind is obliterated.
  • feeling helpless trying to explain just how much this job has affected me.

what I will miss:

  • the best paycheck and bonuses I'll ever have.
  • not having to budget myself.
  • jock coworker's zealous, incongruous use of the word "glorious."
  • the sense of routine.
  • being forced to socialize due to office structure and the nature of my job.
  • the occasional kickass Youtube vid or rock song on the radio.
  • "rally songs" in the morning, though we haven't done that in years (that I know of). mine was "Mamma Said Knock You Out."
  • free lunch and breakfast. so many tasty Loop lunch joints!
  • the genuinely nice, interesting people who made it worthwhile.
  • no one to bake goods for.
  • smirking self-righteously at the boys after a big night out.
  • the occasional bursting into of song.
  • March Madness.
  • carrying ten drinks from Starbucks at a time. (it does kinda make me feel like a badass.)
  • knowing what everyone's usual is.
  • the fact that I knew how to deal with my rich, arrogant masters.
  • kicking ass at a highly strenuous job I never would have taken if I'd known.

it's really over, and I will grieve. but there's so much to look forward to I can't even begin. I surprised myself when I took this job. now it's time to surprise myself after it.


Edward A said...

Man, I know that 4th "Won't miss" point. Although for me it's "Drop everything to do the most important thing ever, only to discover after it's done that they don't need it anymore."

Hope your last day is memorable.

Lisa said...

as awesome as I picture occasional bursting into song being (and i mean that -- it is sort of my dream to have my coworkers burst into spontaneous song and dance), the "wont miss"'s totally outweigh the "will miss"'s. Good on you for leaving!

Jim said...

Congratulations! I almost did this but was talked out of it last month. Sometimes I sort of regret not going.

What does "MI-waiting-to-happen" mean? Mucus implosion?

geekgrrl said...

MI = myocardial infarction, aka a heart attack. i didn't want to be there when that baby went off.

it was memorable for reminding me why i wanted to quit in the first place. so there's that. thanks for the well wishes, folks!

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