07 July 2008

remind me...

...never to eat eggs again. oh my lard, i feel horrible. like i did 5,000 situps yesterday and drank vodka in lieu of sleeping.

speaking of aching body parts, strangely enough, i danced at neo on saturday and i feel fine. so far. there's still a chance i will be kicked in the ass by lactic acid buildup "delayed onset muscle soreness." (shit, wikipedia tells me lactic acid isn't a valid excuse for sore muscles anymore. AP biology? debunkt!) it was a fun time regardless.. i knew far too few songs on the dance floor, even though i doubt they played anything past 2003. hell, they played "shake the disease," which i would hardly consider dancable. (it was early.)

whenever i go, i'm consistently amazed at how some of the angriest music ever made makes me so happy. the pounding bass, the tortured screams, the clang of synthesizers...it's all so lovely. i really am a very violent person. i dance violent, in a "get the fuck away from me" manner. it takes on a cleansing property, which indicates i'm getting out some very bad stuff...or i need massive amounts of intense therapy. probably both.


Sue said...

Good - come back on Saturday, we'll be there.

mikraas said...

did they play "daisy chain for satan" (the screaming version) by thrill kill cult? 'cause that's the bestest, angriest song that has ever riled up my blood.

"i get drugs... free."