28 March 2007

ashes to ashes, crust to crust

by some miracle, i actually made my own dinner tonight, a yummy taco salad. while slicing green peppers i pondered my gingerbread house, which was still sitting on my kitchen table, in the exact spot it's been for about four months. (i never could figure out what to do with it.) i thought i noticed the chimney starting to come away from the roof a bit, and wondered when the whole thing would just pack it in.

i didn't have to wait long for my question to be answered. whilst devouring my salad and watching futurama, i heard a loud crash come from the kitchen. figuring my cat to be involved somehow, i checked out the situation and found this:

i guess that's it then.

after singing an impromptu rendition of "the end," i immortalized the moment (see above) and went back to my salad. i heard another crash a few minutes later. more of the roof had collapsed, so that i had to take the entire top apart. the royal icing had become so brittle nothing would stay together. i knew this day would come, if not by my hands than by nature. although a couple people suggested i light the thing on fire (both named scott, oddly), i couldn't bear to do such, since that's what doomed its inspiration. oh well. it was a good ride. i hope to continue my new tradition by making something equally batshit crazy this holiday season. my only hinderance is my imagination! (and my patience, and my social calendar, and my dependency on food for life, etc.)


Adam said...

LOL @ Lighting it on fire.

Maybe it's the merlot talking but damn that sounds funny.

I mean, no one would get hut and think of the YouTube video you could shoot of the burn-down.

Ok, I guess it's my twisted sense of humor hearing someone suggest something made with such care be disposed of in a fiery blaze of glory in a humble kitchen.

That or the echos of Beavis chanting "burn it, burn it!"

geekgrrl said...

i had no intention of setting the church ablaze, but i did burn a cockroach once. the trick? nail polish remover. unfortunately that was before i'd heard of youtube..