14 April 2006

fun with econ (or: fun? with econ?!)

i was going thru my papers to see what i could dump when i came across some of my high school notebooks, which i kept for various reasons, mostly humor-related. senior year AP Economics was one of my most hated classes. lucky for me, i sat right next to and passed frequent notes with one of my good friends back in the day. Lisa and i would doodle stick figures of Gavin Rossdale and Russell Crowe, giving them the wittiest of captions. right in the front row, no less. screw you, Mr. Bruce!

i realize what was funny at 17 might not translate to what's funny at 26, but i did come across an interesting phrase:

I'd hate to meet aggregate expenditure in a dark alley.

i couldn't tell you what it means now, and i doubt i knew what it meant then. all i know is, it made me snicker, and that's what matters.


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mikraas said...

hey, i failed econ in college! it totally sucks! yay! and aggregate expenditure can kiss my ass!

but i liked mr. bruce. he looked good in running shorts.