29 November 2005


it's not what you think. honest.

i've been playing this horribly time-, money-, life-sucking game called Project Entropia. it's an MMORPG, which translates to 'fantasy game spent mostly running around killing animals and wearing cowboy hats which is so SO NOT GAY.' seriously, you can wear a cowboy hat in it. a colored one...dare i say a purple one. not gay at all.

anyway, you have a person that runs around this fake planet on a virtual continent (there are two, but i've only checked out one so far). your person, or avatar, can kill things, make things, or mine things. it cannot, lamentably, fuck things, otherwise i'd have made a small fortune as a madam already.

oh, btw: this is based on a real-life economy. the in-game monetary units are called PEDs for Project Entropia Dollars (hence the title, GET IT?? please say you get it), which are worth 10 cents. so if i, say, craft some boots with my super-├╝ber-boot-making powers, and they end up being worth, like, 60 PED.. i could transfer that money out to my bank account and use it to buy a Whopper. ain't the internet a beautiful thing?


Cheesus said...

You are so obviously making that all up. Pervert.

lazlo said...

seriously, that sounds SO gay.

scott said...

I worry about the state of the world. seriously.

geekgrrl said...

no, but see, scott.. this takes places on an entirely DIFFERENT world. you're just not thinking out of the box. ..er, planet.