25 October 2006

nerds and geeks and dorks, oh my

i'm that particular shade of tired where i'm almost sliding into double vision. thankfully this is a product of social interaction and not of staying up drinking vodka and salad dressing.

i went out to nerds at heart last night (or, as i feel it should be named, nerds@heart). it was more formal than i had anticipated; everyone got nametags with numbers on them. we chatted for a bit, then once most people who'd registered in advance showed up, we split up into groups according to our nametag numbers and played board games. which was all well and good.

the thing is, when geeks play games, they get so into those games they don't really.. socialize all that much, at least in a regular sense. and we played a lot of games. too many, in my opinion. play a game, break the ice, fine. play three games with different people, stopping in the middle of games to shuffle the partners, with little get-to-know-you time in between.. doesn't really work that well. i didn't get a good sense of personality from some guys, guys who might otherwise be a good match for me.

i'm not saying it was a total wash. i felt comfortable socializing all evening, a situation which is noticably absent throughout my typical day. and the games were fun.. wish there'd been more trivia tho. plus it got me out of the dang apartment.. and it got my mind off the loss of the dexter building. don't even get me started.


Jim said...

Heh, that sounds like it'd be fun to go to just to play the board games, actually. I think I've been to Guthrie's. Did you guys just play the games they had there or break out the really geeky games like Settlers of Catan?

geekgrrl said...

we stuck with the house brands. one game i would like to bring in, though, is 'loser.' i can't find it online, strangely. we played that whilst camping and that was a fun time.. a good getting-to-know-you game.